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Intelligent Personal Assistant of the future

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant learns routines and habits, so it can apply them in the appropriate context in the future. It assists the driver, learns their preferences, and becomes familiar with their preferred settings – such as seat heating or destinations they frequently navigate to. It benefits from continuous technical upgrades and learns more…
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AI Everything Dubai

The world’s first government hosted AI event focused on education and practical applications of Artificial Intelligence for Government and Business sectors. AI Everything is a global festival to exchange insights and foster collaboration for government, enterprises, innovators, investors, industry professionals and policy makers for the advancement of AI. Alle Information: Join 150+ AI focused companies,…
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Self-driving car makers take over CES

Rumors of an Apple Car were put to bed last year when CEO Tim Cook said the company was working on “autonomous systems,” or software that could power self-driving cars. That was a relief to investors who worried about Apple taking on Tesla, Toyota, GM and other car manufacturers. Cook hasn’t made firm promises about…
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